National CDEM Exercise Programme 2016

ID: 2016-1

Date: 4 November

Financial Year: 2016/2017

Exercise Name: TBC

Exercise Theme: Multi-agency EOC exercise

Exercise Type: Functional exercise

Tier: 2

Lead Agency: Canterbury CDEM Group Office

Participating Agencies: CCC, CDEM Group Office, Police, Fire, St John (and DHBs (TBC))

Details: This exercise will be used to develop and evaluate one EOC coordinating a regional emergency at the same time as managing the local (Christchurch) aspect of the emergency.

Point of Contact: James Thompson

ID: 2016-2

Date: 31 August, 14 September, 28 September 2016

Financial Year: 2016/2017

Exercise Name: Tangaroa

Exercise Theme: Tsunami

Exercise Type: Functional (day 1); table top (days 2 and 3)

Tier: 4

Lead Agency: MCDEM

Participating Agencies: All 16 CDEM Groups and MCDEM

Details: Please see the Exercise Tangaroa page.

Point of Contact: Jo Guard and Sara Leighton at