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Hazard risk research

National Hazardscape Report

Tsunami research

Review of Tsunami Hazard in New Zealand (2013 Update)

Review of Tsunami Hazard and Risk in New Zealand (.pdf 2.8mb)

Review of New Zealand's tsunami preparedness (.pdf 1.7mb)

Tsunami Signage Science Report (.pdf 1.7mb)

Tsunami Evacuation Zone mapping (.pdf 2mb)

Tsunami Public Alerting Options (.pdf 3mb)

Tsunami Land-Use and Evacuation Planning Workshop

Gisborne, 15 and 16 October 2014

A Tsunami Land-Use and Evacuation Planning Workshop was held in Gisborne, 15 and 16 October 2014. The workshop was hosted by Gisborne CDEM Group and was attended by 40 people from across CDEM, central government agencies and the science research sector. The workshop was funded by the CDEM resilience fund in support of tsunami risk reduction.

The intention of the workshop was to clarify current tsunami science research, specific to land use and evacuation planning. Presentations were provided by GNS, National Emergency Management Agency, CDEM and consultants in the risk reduction space. Presentations from the workshop are available to download below:

Workshop Purpose and Expected Outcomes presented by Lisa Pearse (.pdf 1.2MB)

National Tsunami Management Programme presented by David Coetzee, National Emergency Management Agency (.pdf 311kb)

Tsunami Science presented by William Power, GNS Science (.pdf 4.8MB)

Government Support for Tsunami Research presented by Richard Smith (.pdf 680kb)

Emerging International Issues presented by Professor James Goff, University of New South Wales (.pdf 1.4MB)

Tsunami Evacuation Mapping and Planning presented by Stuart Fraser, Joint Centre for Disaster Research (.pdf 3.5MB)

Overview of Regional Evacuation Mapping and Planning presented by Lisa Pearse, Hawkes Bay CDEM Group (.pdf 785kb)

Gisborne's Solution to Evacuation Zones presented by Richard Steele, Gisborne CDEM Group (.pdf 3.2MB)

Tsunami: Auckland Approach presented by Richard Woods, Auckland Council (.pdf 1.2MB)

Papamoa Tsunami Inundation Modelling presented by Martin Butler, Bay of Plenty Regional Council (.pdf 711kb)

Land Use Planning for Tsunami presented by Wendy Saunders, GNS Science (.pdf 1.2MB)

Land Use Planning for Tsunami Hazard: A Hawkes Bay Perspective, Ian MacDonald, Hawkes Bay CDEM Group (.pdf 277kb)

Resilience programme

Creating a Resilient New Zealand (2004) (.pdf 393kb)

A 2004 research report by Kirsten Finnis explores preparedness motivation strategies.

The Social Dimension of Emergency Recovery (.pdf 1.8mb)

A research paper by Rob Gordon, PhD, on psycho-social aspects of recovery.

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Best Practice Guidelines

Information Series

Tephra Magazine

Social Development Research

Social research generates the knowledge that underpins policy and practice and provides an evidence base for decisions.

Social Policy Evaluation and Research (SPEaR) Committee

The Social Policy Evaluation and Research (SPEaR) Committee is a cross-agency group established by the New Zealand Government in 2001 to oversee the government's investment in social policy research and evaluation.

Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences

The Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences network, Hui Rangahau Tahi, is a virtual research community.

Natural Hazards Research Platform

One of the themes of the Natural Hazards Research Platform is Societal Resilience, which covers socials, cultural, economic, and planning factors.


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