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University of Delaware Disaster Research Centre

Here you will find a catalogue of all DRC annual reports, articles, books and monograph series, final project reports, DRC historical & comparative series, DRC miscellaneous reports, DRC preliminary papers, DRC presentations, DRC research notes/report series, and DRC working papers.

The Natural Hazards Observer

The Natural Hazards Observer is the bimonthly periodical of the Natural Hazards Centre (University of Colorado at Boulder). It covers current disaster issues; new international, national, and local disaster management, mitigation, and education programs; hazards research; political and policy developments; new information sources and Web sites; upcoming conferences; and recent publications.

Disaster Research (DR)

Published by the Natural Hazards Center, DR is a moderated e-mail newsletter for creators and users of information regarding hazards and disasters. Subscriptions are free, and there are over 3,500 subscribers. DR is distributed biweekly and includes some news items that also appear in the Center's printed newsletter, the Natural Hazards Observer, as well as other timely articles about new developments, policies, conference announcements, job vacancies, resources, and information sources in the field of hazards management.

Research Digest

Research Digest is a quarterly online publication from the University of Colorado Natural Hazards Centre that compiles recent research into a summarised format for the hazards and disasters community. It provides complete references and abstracts (when available) for current research in the field. The issues are compiled and edited by the Centre's library and research staff. Most articles listed in Research Digest are part of the Natural Hazards Centre's library holdings.

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters

This publication focuses on the social and behavioural aspects of relatively sudden collective stress situations typically referred to as disasters or mass emergencies.

Australian Journal of Emergency Management

The official publication of Emergency Management Australia.