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Saturday 25 Nov - 3:42 am

National Tsunami Advisory and Warning Plan

Supporting Plan [SP 01/17] (revised May 2017)

New Zealand is a member of the Pacific Tsunami Warning System (an international system under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO) designed to provide timely and effective information and warnings about tsunami generated in the Pacific Basin. In New Zealand the system is complemented by GNS Science/GeoNet geological hazards and sea level monitoring. MCDEM is the agency responsible for disseminating national tsunami advisories and warnings to the communities of New Zealand.

This plan outlines the national procedures used by MCDEM to advise local authorities, national agencies and the media of possible tsunami that could affect coastal areas of New Zealand.

The plan was revised in May 2017 in collaboration with GNS Science and GeoNet, to reflect recent changes in tsunami warnings. In addition, sections have been updated to take into consideration scientific updates.

Note: The May 2017 plan replaces the Tsunami Advisory and Warning Plan SP [01/16] (revised August 2016).

National Tsunami Advisory and Warning Plan [SP 01/17] (revised May 2017) (.pdf 1.9mb)