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Sunday 17 Dec - 7:46 am

National Recovery Office

The National Recovery Office coordinates and supports central and local government recovery activities following the 14 November 2016 Earthquake.

What we do

The National Recovery Office works hand in hand with councils, central government, iwi, NGOs and businesses to support the delivery of recovery activities for the people, communities and businesses affected by the November earthquake. Our focus includes:

  • people and their welfare
  • housing, insurance and winter warming
  • land use and hazards
  • economy and tourism
  • infrastructure
  • legislation.

Our work is predominantly in the geographic areas of Kaikōura, Hurunui, Marlborough and Wellington.

Many people, especially in rural areas, are under stress from multiple sources besides the earthquake, for example drought and debt. Many farms and settlements are badly damaged and hazards, such as dammed rivers and rock falls, pose risk to people and property. The National Recovery Office is working to coordinate a fast resolution for people whose homes are not safe, warm and dry or whose livelihoods are now precarious.

Other challenges include restoring the State Highway 1 road and rail corridor after the massive slips. SH1 North and Main North Line of Kaikōura will be open by the end of the year. Meanwhile SH1 South of Kaikōura is fragile, with frequent closures for roadworks or due to rock falls from the recent heavy rains. The Inland route between Christchurch and Kaikōura keeps Kaikōura connected when SH1 South is closed but it too is fragile. Several technology enhancements are being made to increase safety on the Alternate Route between Picton and Christchurch to cope with the four-fold increase in traffic.

The National Recovery Office is working with Councils to restore other infrastructure damaged in the quake, including storm, waste water and fresh water systems. Kaikōura Harbour is being dredged after the earthquake thrust the seabed up by 2m in places. It should be fully operational by the tourist season.

Some Wellington buildings sustained damage during the earthquake. Several buildings are currently closed or partially closed. Others may be demolished if owners consider them uneconomical to repair. The National Recovery is keeping a watching brief over the cumulative impact on the economy and accommodation.

Who we are

The National Recovery Office is led by National Recovery Manager Dave Brash and supported by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, from within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.