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Media Release Archive
The following media releases have been made by the Ministry, or Ministers responsible for Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

March 2014
12 March 2014 - Cyclone Lusi may bring severe weather to New Zealand (.doc 97kb)

February 2014
19 February 2014 - EQC and Civil Defence call for quake readiness (.doc 87kb)
13 February 2014 - Civil Defence welcomes Statistics NZ preparedness data (.doc 90kb)

January 2014
22 January 2014 - Timely reminder to prepare for earthquakes (Media release from GNS Science, EQC, and the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management)

December 2013
20 December 2013 - 24/7 media phone 04 494 6951 (.doc 270kb)
18 December 2013 - Rapid Impact Assessment guidelines published (.doc 89kb)

September 2013
30 September 2013 - Tsunami review reinforces need for public preparedness (.doc 88kb)
23 September 2013 - Get Ready Week 2013 kicks off today (.doc 102kb)

August 2013
22 August 2013 - Civil defence public education campaign is working (.doc 82kb)
20 August 2013 - Do NOT get outside quickly after an earthquake: Guide for workplace earthquake plan (.doc, 86kb)
6 August 2013 - Ministry funding for 17 local civil defence project (.doc 76k)

June 2013
28 June 2013 - Trial of compost toilets: When you have to go, you have to go! (.doc 79k)

May 2013
21 May 2013 - Media Advisory - New Zealand information about tornadoes (.doc 77k)

February 2013
7 February 2013 - Thank you for your support after Santa Cruz earthquake and Solomon Islands tsunami (.doc 76k)

December 2012
20 December 2012 - New Zealander returns from UN deployment in Philippines (.doc 73k)
4 December 2012 - New Zealander part of UN team supporting Philippines (.doc 72k)

October 2012
2 October 2012 - Huge response to New Zealand ShakeOut evaluation, more staff needed to input information (.doc 77k)

September 2012
26 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut, more than 1.3 million involved: tremendous response continues (.doc 77k)
26 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut: 45 minutes to go, and you can still register until October 10 (.doc 79k)
26 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut: 44,000 registered yesterday, still time to register this morning (.doc 80k)
25 September 2012 - One day until New Zealand ShakeOut - What to do after the drill? (.doc 84k)
24 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut only two days to go! (.doc 85k)
19 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut, one week to go! Broadcasting the "sting" (.doc 85k)
19 September 2012 - New Zealand ShakeOut, one week to go! (.doc 86k)
3 September - New Zealand ShakeOut Update - We now have 1 million participants! (.doc 579k)

August 2012
29 August - Shut Happens!, the “sting”, new earthquake video, road signs and more than 920,000 people signed up for Zealand ShakeOut! (.doc 95k)
16 August - 750,000 participating national earthquake drill! (.doc 88k)

July 2012
29 July - New multi-lingual radio ads start: “Drop, Cover, and Hold” (.doc 84k)
24 July - Not all bleaches are safe to use in stored drinking water (.doc 104k)
24 July - Over 500,000 ready to Drop, Cover and Hold (link to release on Beehive website)
20 July - No room for complacency about disasters (link to release on Beehive website)
16 July - Mt Roskill Primary School a champion of preparedness (.doc 86k) 10 July - More than 250,000 registered for New Zealand ShakeOut (.doc 90k)
4 July - New website provides all regions’ earthquake hazard information (.doc 104k)

June 2012
27 June - Drop, Cover and Hold – the right thing to do in an earthquake: Launch of new TV advertising and online videos (.doc 87k)

March 2012
30 March - More than 8,000 already registered for New Zealand ShakeOut! (.doc 94k)
29 March - New Zealand ShakeOut launch: Media advisory - 1 million people doing an earthquake drill? It’s New Zealand ShakeOut! (.doc 69k)
Japan – New Zealand disaster management collaboration (.doc 70k)
Severe weather warning for North Island (.doc 54k)

December 2011
New emergency planning guide for early childhood education (.doc 161k)

August 2011
Vicky Johnson report: lessons for US and NZ (.doc 75k)

April 2011
Hawkes Bay flooding response April 28 (.doc 68k)

February 2011
Media Release 3 - Repeated message: Cash donations best way to help Cantabrians (.doc 72k)
Media Release 2 - Red Cross Person Enquiry Line (.doc 180k)
Media Release 1 - Christchurch earthquake (.doc 184k)

January 2011
Queensland response team returns January 20 (.doc)
NZ Response Team update January 13 (.doc)
NZ Response Team update January 12 (.doc)
NZ Response Team update January 11 (.doc)

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