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CDEM Group Website

CDEM partners within the West Coast region have developed a Group Plan.

Click here to view the group website,
the plan is available from the menu.

West Coast Regional Council
Postal Address:
388 Main South Rd
PO Box 66
Greymouth 7801
Phone: (03) 768-0466
Fax: (03) 768-7466
Webpage: West Coast Regional Council
Link to Civil Defence page

Buller District Council
Postal Address:
Brougham Street
P O Box 21
Westport 7615
Phone: (03) 788-9111
Fax: (03) 789-7233
Webpage: Buller District Council
Link to Civil Defence page

Grey District Council
Postal Address:
105 Tainui Street
P O 382
Greymouth 7801
Phone: (03) 769-8600
Fax: (03) 768-1703
Webpage: Grey District Council

Westland District Council
Postal Address:
36 Weld Street
Private Bag 704
Hokitika 7842
Phone: (03) 756-9010
Fax: (03) 756-9045
Webpage: Westland District Council
Link to Civil Defence page