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Information about the emergency status RSS feed

Do you want to keep up to date with the civil defence status in New Zealand without having to regularly visit our site? RSS will allow you to do just that.

What is an RSS feed?
An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a regularly published collection of headlines and summaries from an original source (e.g., a news website). Readers can subscribe to their favourite RSS feeds to have the latest news and content updates delivered right to their desktop without having to visit every website individually to view updates.

About the Ministry’s RSS feed
The Ministry’s RSS feed is derived from the civil defence emergency status bar at the top of the homepage. By providing an RSS feed of the civil defence emergency status bar you can quickly check whether or not there has been a change in status when you check your other RSS feeds.

The Ministry’s RSS feed includes all changes in emergency status since the RSS feed was implemented. The most recent change is listed first however you can also review previous homepage emergency information.

To access RSS feeds you will need an RSS feed reader.

The URL for the RSS feed is:

How can I read RSS feeds?
There are many free and commercial RSS readers you can use to subscribe to and read RSS feeds. There are RSS-enabled Web browsers, e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari (Mac). There are Web-based readers, e.g., Google Reader and Bloglines. There are also stand-alone readers, e.g., AmphetaDesk and Feedreader (Windows). You can find RSS readers by searching the Internet for "RSS Reader" or "RSS News Aggregator" and by checking the Yahoo! Directory of RSS Readers and Aggregators. Please note that the Ministry does not endorse any particular RSS reader products.

I want to display the Ministry’s RSS feed on my web site. What are the terms of use?
The Ministry’s RSS feed is provided free of charge. We encourage you to display our feed on your web site. We only ask that you cite the source (Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management) in connection with your use of the feed.