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Welfare in an Emergency: Director's Guideline download page

The intention of this guideline is to provide practical information for organisations with Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) responsibilities in the area of welfare provision. This guideline defines welfare in a CDEM emergency and explains why and when it is needed. It also describes who is responsible for welfare and how it is best managed and most effectively delivered.
This guideline contains conceptual and functional arrangements to support delivery of welfare in New Zealand and is comprised of two parts:
  • Part I: Welfare management outlines the framework and processes that provide structure for the local delivery, and regional and national support and coordination of welfare services in an emergency. Specific roles at the local, regional and national levels are described. Part I is aimed at the CDEM sector and welfare agencies with responsibilities for welfare services under the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan.
  • Part II: Establishing and managing a welfare centre identifies the functions, roles and arrangements in a welfare centre. Part II is aimed at local level welfare and details the main sections of a welfare centre and the key operational staff required.
This guideline is intended to inform the development, maintenance and review of welfare plans and arrangements. It is recommended that territorial authorities, CDEM Groups and partner agencies review their welfare plans and arrangements in light of this document.

This guideline has been written to be read alongside the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan and the Guide to the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan, where the strategic responsibilities, nationally and operationally, regarding welfare in an emergency are formally outlined.

Download the Guideline (PDF 800kB)

Downloadable resources
These resources are provided in Word format to allow you to customise for your needs.

Government Helpline information template (doc)
This template is for use by CDEM and welfare agencies to provide Government Helpline operators with vital information about welfare in their region/area.

Online welfare resources (doc)
These websites provide welfare and related information.

Welfare centre checklists (doc)
These checklists can be used to plan, establish and manage a welfare centre.

Welfare centre information sheet (doc)
This information sheet may be given to people as they arrive at a welfare centre. It provides important basic information and can be modified to suit local arrangements.
Napier City Council is acknowledged for providing the original on which this information sheet is based.