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Pandemic Planning and some
Exercise Cruickshank general notes

QUESTION: Is there clarification of exactly what welfare groups are meant to do in a pandemic

What Welfare Advisory Groups (WAG) do at a local level should be carefully discussed with DHBs. CDEM Groups in general will have a huge role in ensuring lifeline and FMCG continuance. Welfare is only one of the Group functions. MCDEM is working with others to develop a tool kit for community individuals and groups to help them to plan to care for themselves in a pandemic. This builds on the Canterbury CDEM Group community-planning guide. MCDEM's direction on this is to assume that WAGs will operate in a different manner, with far less central govt agency input, and largely operate as a point of advice for community groups

QUESTION: How will there be a better flow of information to NGO’s to enable organisation of their volunteer welfare group during the Cruickshank exercise?

DHBs are organising Exercise Cruickshank. They have responsibility for communicating with CDEM Groups regarding their planning. Groups can then liaise with welfare agencies if required.

QUESTION: Exercise Cruickshank is likely to raise significant learning’s about any problems within the DHB plans and activities, what provision is there for learning’s about the coordinated welfare groups’ activities?

The NWRCG is participating in Exercise Cruickshank, and will be playing as a real time player - referring information up the chain. Any issues that arise should appear through that process, or be fed back to MCDEM from CDEM Group debriefs, and can then be shared.

QUESTION: The Capital Coast DHB would like the Wellington WAG to consider an exercise of social recovery activities after the ‘Pandemic’.

A recovery day was scheduled for 23 May as part of Exercise Cruickshank. This was a DHB led workshop to address several structured recovery questions (looking at issues like roles, overlaps, assumptions etc). This fed into the national recovery workshop on 30 May, which considered these issues from the national level. We have chosen a workshop format as the preferred means to improve understanding on recovery. Following Exercise Cruickshank the NWRCG will continue to look at the social recovery needs from a Pandemic, and may look at an exercise as part of this work.

QUESTION: Who has responsibility for control of food and hygiene supplies etc from supermarkets in a pandemic and the control of restocking each day?

MCDEM has a national level responsibility for supporting the continuance of supplies through the FMCG sector. At a Group level this becomes a logistics function to support the FMCG sector to continue its own operations. The FMCG sector is large and complex and cannot be replicated, and therefore its functions need to be supported so it can keep going.