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NZ Influenza Pandemic Action Plan - Information for CDEM Groups

The World Health Organisation is concerned that an avian influenza and a human influenza virus might mix. This could result in a new strain of influenza that could easily be passed from person to person. Such a new influenza virus could spread rapidly around the world, infecting many people. This would be an influenza pandemic.

Community Pandemic Planning Guide
Community Pandemic Planning Guide fills a need identified by community groups throughout New Zealand. Developed by the Canterbury CDEM Group, with input from MCDEM, it is designed to help communities to plan to be able to meet their own needs during a pandemic.
The resource will continue to be updated as need arises, and will be re-released with new dates (as a form of version control) when required. Below are links to a condensed and expanded version of the document, both word and pdf versions.
Community Pandemic Planning Guide (condensed) Dec 06 (doc 396KB)
Community Pandemic Planning Guide (expanded) Dec 06 (doc 403KB)
Community Pandemic Planning Guide (condensed) Dec 06 (pdf 114KB )
Community Pandemic Planning Guide (expanded) Dec 06 (pdf 133KB)

Local authority and CDEM group pandemic planning guide
The purpose of the Guide is to support planning for pandemic influenza, provide reference material and a checklist on pandemic influenza and a framework upon which more detailed planning may be based. The Guide also provides a tool that may be used to delegate responsibilities and plan and monitor progress as the plan is developed.
Printable Pandemic Planning Guide (pdf 254KB)
Pandemic Reporting template (doc 81KB)
Workbook for Pandemic planning and management (doc 81KB)

New Zealand Government Response
New Zealand is planning for the possibility of a pandemic. The Ministry of Health is the agency leading pandemic planning, including national planning, risk management and coordination of health service delivery. This is being done with the help of other agencies, coordinated through Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC) and in partnership with relevant domestic and international organisations and partner countries. The New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Action Plan is available on the Ministry of Health website at The Plan contains a considerable amount of background and supporting information, as well as information regarding the action plan and planning scenarios.

An Intersectoral Pandemic Group is operating as a further means of interdepartmental information sharing and alignment.

MCDEM and contact with CDEM Groups
The Civil Defence & Emergency Management (CDEM) workstream is focused on developing contingency plans to identify and deal with CDEM Pandemic preparedness and response issues. This includes supporting local government to address its role in providing community leadership,managing community services and assets, and CDEM functions in support of Health. It also supports the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in maintaining essential food supply.

CDEM workstream
The objectives of the Civil Defence Emergency Management workgroup are to:

  • Support local government to provide ongoing local government leadership and governance in their communities.
  • Support CDEM groups develop contingency plans to identify and deal with regional CDEM pandemic preparedness and response roles.
  • Support the FMCG sector to develop plans to maintain the FMCG supply chain and retail operations.
  • Consolidate a national contingency plan (from Group plans), for CDEM preparedness and response in support of Health.
  • Develop coordinated regional CDEM information and reporting systems for the work group.

Further information for Pandemic Planning
The Ministry of Health is the lead agency for medical information on pandemics. A considerable amount of background information on pandemics and pandemic planning has already been distributed by a range of agencies including, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economic Development (MED), Department of Labour (DoL), Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry of Education (Min Ed) and MCDEM. The Ministry of Health will continue to provide communications to the public and District Health Boards.

For easy access, the Ministry of Health, has a section on their website and includes useful links to other related sites. The site has Frequently Asked Questions, a Fact Sheet and numerous links to international sites that you may find helpful for your own regional communications. The address is or directly to Pandemic Planning via