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Director's Forum presentations

Large Scale Event Response
MAF - Exotic Animal Disease - Matt Stone (pdf 337k)
MoH - Emergency planning - Robyn Fitzgerald (pdf 31k)
Capital Coast Health - Mass casualty - Greg Phillips (pdf 334k)

Hazards and Exercises
Phoenix III Auckland (pdf 212k) - Graham McKean
Phoenix III Wellington (pdf 28k) - Marshall Hyland
Franz Josef Study (pdf 110k) - John Lovell

Recent Events: Case Studies
Thames/Coromandel - Weather Bomb - Ron White (pdf 549k)
Environment Canterbury - Snowstorms - John Fisher (pdf 44k)

Developing a Regional Response Capability
Regional Response (pdf 464k) - Lynda Angus
The Auckland Experience (pdf 53k)
Community Teams (pdf 275k) - Nelson/Tasman

Insurance in Emergencies
Overview - Kevin O’Kane (pdf 22k)
EQC - Doug Bent (pdf 337k)