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RAPID training programme learning gateway

Welfare strand
Core skills strand
Flood strand
Volunteer Management strand
Storm strand

The topics should be completed in the order they appear in the accompanying flow diagram:

Compulsory sub topics are shown in BLUE
Elective sub topics are shown in GREEN
Sub topics delivered by tertiary education providers are shown in RED

There are two key topics in the Welfare Strand – CDEM Welfare and Operate in CDEM Welfare.

Resources for trainers
The Trainer Pack contains notes, session plans and course information for trainers.

Trainer Pack for the Welfare strand (PDF)

Resources for learners
Topic 1. CDEM Welfare
This topic provides an introduction to the CDEM welfare framework and arrangements, roles and responsibilities. The online learning module for this topic is linked below:

CDEM Welfare

Topic 2. Operate in CDEM Welfare
This topic covers off the “what” “who” and “how to” of operating in a CDEM welfare centre or temporary animal shelter.
Online learning modules for this topic are linked below:

Functions of a CDEM Welfare Centre
Functions of a Temporary Animal Shelter
Welfare Centre Supervision

Go to the CDEM-related course page to find out about tertiary education providers currently offering emergency response training

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