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RAPID overview
RAPID is a suite of training and assessment materials created by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management to support learners across the CDEM sector. These training and assessment materials are aligned to the CDEM Competency Framework, and where possible, matched to unit standards.

The suite of materials available in the RAPID programme includes:

Online modules (for learners) Note: Flash Player is required to view these modules
a Trainer Pack (for trainers);
an Assessment Activity Booklet (for learners);
and an Assessor Guide (for assessors).

Click on the diagram to view details of the sequence in which these materials should ideally be used.

Download Burning questions about RAPID (PDF) for more general information

Accessing resources
Organisations interested in delivering CDEM training using RAPID training programme resources have registered to access these resources. At the time of registration, each organisation identified a single point of contact in their organisation to manage the use of RAPID. These single points of contacts are known as RAPID Training Coordinators.

To find out who the RAPID Training Coordinator is in your organisation, please contact the Professional Development team on 04 473 7363 or email

Learner resources
If you are a learner you can access the online modules through the RAPID Learning Gateway and Assessment Activity Booklets by contacting the RAPID Training Coordinator in your organisation. Some topics also include a quick reference card. Quick reference cards can be downloaded from the relevant strand page in the RAPID Learning Gateway.

Note: Check with your trainer before commencing any of the RAPID learning pathways as they may wish to deliver a face-to-face session instead of, or as well as the online modules.

Trainer resources
Trainer Packs contain a range of information to assist in the delivery of face-to-face sessions for each topic in each strand in the programme and can be downloaded through the RAPID Learning Gateway.

Assessor resources
Assessor Guides can be accessed by assessors via the RAPID DVDs provided to Training Coordinators in registered organisations. ITOs have also been invited to make assessment materials available through their own websites.

This will mean that if you are a registered ITO assessor you do not need to register separately with MCDEM to access RAPID materials. ITO assessors will need to hold the relevant assessor scope to assess the various unit standards incorporated in RAPID topics.

Online learning gateway
Click here to go to the core skills strand learning gateway and access online learning modules.
Note: Flash Player is required to view these modules

RAPID programme guide (version 4.0)
A RAPID programme guide v4 (PDF 1.1MB) has been developed to support trainers and assessors to implement the re-developed RAPID programme. This document, was revised to version 4.0 in July 2011.

RAPID forms
The following forms are required to be completed when using the RAPID programme. Details of when these forms are to be completed are contained in the RAPID programme guide.

Organisation registration form (doc)
Education provider registration form (doc)
Assessor registration form (doc)
Details of evidence verifier form (doc)
Session evaluation form (doc)
Assessment result reporting from (doc)
CDEM organisation quarterly reporting form to MCDEM (xls)
Education provider quarterly reporting form to MCDEM (xls)
PowerPoint presentation template (PPT)