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Public Information Management (PIM)

This information is adapted from Public Information Management: Information for the CDEM Sector. Go to the PIM Guidelines download page.

Key national PIM contact details
NCMC media and PIM telephone: 04 494 6951
NCMC e-mail:

When NCMC has been activated, calls to the telephone number will be answered by a person not a voice mail system. If the call is not answered, the system automatically hunts for a free extension where the call can be taken. The shared PIM e-mail inbox is accessed by anyone carrying out the PIM role in NCMC. That helps avoid the problem of e-mails possibly being sent to a person who is not there or is busy on another task and is not clearing their e-mails as they come in.

Please note that these contacts are for when Ministry staff are working from the NCMC during an emergency. They are not day-to-day office contacts.

General definition
Public information management during an emergency involves collecting, analysing, and disseminating information to the public. It promotes effective leadership and decision-making, and enables the people affected by the emergency to understand what is happening and take the appropriate actions to protect themselves.
The goal of the PIM is to:
  • to create strong public confidence in the emergency management response
  • to support public safety with public information
  • to positively influence public behaviour with public information
  • to manage public expectations
Public information management achieves these ends by:
  • providing timely, accurate, and clear information to those who need it
  • promoting effective information management between government agencies, CDEM Groups, emergency services, lifeline utilities, the media, and the public
In an emergency, as PIM Manager you are responsible for:
  • dealing with the media
  • issuing public information to the community and managing community relations
  • managing the public information centre and team
You may also be responsible for managing:
  • the public enquiry helpline
  • visitor reception at the emergency operations centre
  • site visits by VIPs and media
To fulfil these functions, you and your team must:
  • plan, practise, and prepare for an emergency
  • ensure you develop the necessary skills
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