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Yellow Pages advertising

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management and the owners of the Yellow Pages, the Yellow Pages Group, affirmed a long-term partnership with the signing of a new agreement in October 2007. The agreement was renewed in 2010 for a further three year period. The agreement reached ensures that New Zealanders have ready access to civil defence information in their Yellow Pages.

The agreement also includes provision for regional authorities to take up additional pages for local civil defence information at a substantially discounted price. Councils wanting to take up additional pages in the regional phone books for civil defence information will get a 75% discount on the cost of the pages.

“Civil defence has had a presence in the Yellow Pages for about 30 years and people expect to find that information in their book. The agreement means that every household and workplace in the country that has a Yellow Pages will continue to have civil defence information available in the same place that they have to come to expect it,” said MCDEM Director John Hamilton. "We acknowledge the support of Yellow Pages Group helping keep our communities informed and prepared.”

Advertisements appear in all the 18 phone books around the country. They are on the inside back cover of the Yellow Pages for regions that have separate books, and on the inside front cover for the combined books.

Download a copy of the Yellow Pages ad (pdf) (revised 2010)

Download the production schedule (doc) of when each of the books goes to print.
Download a spreadsheet showing the Yellow pages ratecard (xls) and the discounted price for councils wishing to take additional pages.

If any of the regions would like to take advantage of the discounted advertising offered by Yellow Pages please contact