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Public Education Toolbox

This toolbox is aimed at supporting those tasked with developing public education programmes for their communities.

Draft articles
Articles on hazards in New Zealand that can be customised for local use

Generic preparedness media messages
Examples of key mesages promoting preparedness that can be customised for local use

Public Education examples
Examples of what various Councils have done to promote public education

Quiz questions
A series of questions and answers to prompt discussion and raise disaster awareness

Key messages
CDEM in a nutshell: key messages relating to disasters, prevention, preparedness etc. Key messages can also be downloaded as Word documents.

Promotional resources
The Ministry coordinates the production of a range of resources to support the national Get Ready campaign. These include:
  • Brochures
  • Checklists
  • Promotional items such as drink bottles and bags
  • Display stands
  • Advertisements
We coordinate the production centrally to enable the Ministry and councils to obtain these resources at cost effective prices. The call for orders for printing of the brochures and checklists will be done twice a year (in February and July) and councils will be notified via the Ministry's monthly e-bulletin. If we are coordinating the production of promotional items this will also be advised via the e-bulletin.

CDEM in schools
Background information on the CDEM schools' resource, What's The Plan Stan? Also includes suggested activities that Emergency Management staff can undertake to engage with your primary and intermediate schools.

Photo library
Various images that can be downloaded. Click on each image for a larger version.

Website logos
Download the generic CD logo and Get Ready Get Thru logo for use on your website homepage

Links to other useful emergency management sites

Information on Hazards
In depth information on hazards is available on the Tephra publication page.

Pull-up poster design service
Most of you know that MCDEM has a number of ‘Get Ready, Get Thru’ and ‘What’s the Plan Stan’ pull up posters available for use by the sector. Demand for these pull-up posters understandably peaks during events like Disaster Awareness Week and so it’s first in, first served.

If however you would like to invest in your own pull-up poster/s, we can help. Each pull-up poster costs around $300+GST and includes a carry case. If you fund the cost of the poster, we can produce artwork for you and liaise with the supplier. Artwork can be customised to your region and reinforce your own public education initiatives. Generating artwork can be a costly exercise so make use of this free service. If you would like help, please email

Radio commercials
A series of four 30 second radio commercials which emphasise the importance of listening to your radio during a civil defence emergency and raises awareness of the civil defence alert sound (Sting). To download each mp3, "right-click" and select "Save target As"

Radio 1: "You should know..." (mp3)
Radio 2: "Turn on your radio..." (mp3)
Radio 3: "Preparedness kit..." (mp3)
Radio 4: "Radio is a key part..." (mp3)
Transcripts of all four commercials (doc)