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National Public Education Programme
In 2005/06, the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management sought and successfully obtained Crown funding of $6.1million for four years for national public education initiatives to strengthen individual and community preparedness. The national programme has an ongoing annual budget of $1.1m, which is a modest spend compared with other social marketing campaigns. The funding also covers the cost of the Ministry's civil defence advertising in the Yellow Pages and ongoing development of the What’s The Plan Stan? schools’ programme.

The long-term programme is aimed at increasing individual and community awareness and preparedness for disasters by building hazard and civil defence awareness and understanding as a basis for commitment, preparedness and a reduction in vulnerability.

Get Ready Get Thru” is the focus of the programme.

  • Being ready means being able to lessen the loss of life and property by identifying potential risks (both natural and man-made), and having a plan in place for how you will deal with them well before it happens.
  • Being prepared for them; knowing how to look after yourselves and your loved ones in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, to be able to cope for up to 3 days or more until help can get to you, and thus reduce the impact of the disaster on life and property, and recover as quickly as possible after the event.

The main components of the national public education programme are:

The Way Forward
Strategic Framework for the National CDEM Public Education Programme 2006 - 2015
The Way Forward – Strategic Framework for the National CDEM Public Education Programme 2006 – 2015” is the national CDEM public education strategy document. It details the thinking behind the current national public education programme and its future development and provides the strategic framework in which MCDEM and CDEM Groups will work to improve public awareness, understanding, commitment and preparedness for disasters. The details of specific programmes to implement the strategy are included in the Appendix of the Strategy document as the PEP Communications Plan. The two-year PEP Communications Plan will be reviewed and updated annually and made available on the MCDEM website.

Mass media campaigns
Targeted media campaigns on television, radio and press, reinforced by resources that provide detailed information on what to do. This will cover printed material, web-based resources, and advertising in the Yellow Pages phone books. Find out more.

A website targeted specifically at providing user-friendly information and advice for the public on what to do to be better prepared.
The Get Ready Get Thru website has been translated into seven additional languages:

  • Maori,
  • Arabic
  • traditional and simplified Chinese script
  • Hindi
  • Korean
  • Samoan
  • Tongan

Advertising in the Yellow Pages regional directories
The Ministry currently has a full page Get Ready Get Thru advertisement in the inside back cover or the inside front cover of the 18 regional directories. Councils wanting to take additional pages for civil defence information are entitled to a 75% discount. Go to the Yellow Pages resources page. Contact for further information on how to take up the discounted advertising.

Resources for schools
The development of teaching resources for schools is aimed at getting the message into homes through kids at school. The What's The Plan Stan campaign was launched in April 2006 and has been very well received by schools.

Public Relations and promotional activities
Opportunities will be maximised for regional and national programmes with a focus on encouraging individuals and communities to actively participate in preparedness programmes. This includes programmes centred around Get Ready (Disaster Awareness) Week in the second week in October each year; and sponsorship and support of exhibitions and events, and interactive displays.

An integral component of the programme is quantitative benchmark research to understand current national levels of awareness, understanding and preparedness. In addition to providing an invaluable basis for developing the national programme, annual research provides an ongoing tool to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives undertaken and identify areas for improvement. Qualitative research will also be undertaken to better understand and overcome barriers to action.

Key strategies
Get Ready Get Thru National Campaign
Get Ready Get Thru Information about the current campaign including evaluation and benchmark research

CDEM in schools
What's The Plan Stan synopsis including links to the site and resources

Get Ready (Disaster Awareness) Week
Information about the theme this year as well as previous events; examples from various Councils and Public Education Reference Group contact details

National Public Education Reference Group
Contact details for group members as well as documents related to the group's activities

Resources for the Sector
Public Education Toolbox
Resources for those tasked with developing public education programmes for CDEM Groups including templates, written materials, articles and media releases, communications strategies, a photo database, and examples of programmes undertaken by others both here and overseas

For further information on the National Public Education programme, please contact