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New CDEM public education resources

In addition to brochures, display stands and promotional items (bags, drink bottles and water containers), some new resources were made available to support local public education activities. CDEM staff are encouraged to utilise the resources when engaging with communities.

Tsunami- When Minutes Count (DVD and online). New Zealanders who survived the 2009 Samoa tsunami share their stories in an effort to encourage others to be better prepared. Also includes advice from CDEM and GNS to improve understanding of tsunami, and the actions to take, especially for local source tsunami.

Get Ready Get Thru Sign Language (DVD and online). Resource for the deaf community and those with hearing impairment which provides the key CDEM messages in both sign language and captions. The resource is distributed through Deaf Aotearoa and the National Foundation for the Deaf. The resource can be viewed online at

Get Ready Get Thru resource for the blind community (Audio CD): The resource provides the key CDEM messages for the blind and visually impaired community. Project was undertaken with the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.

Turtle Safe for preschoolers (DVD): A revised version of the Turtle Safe video which was developed in the 1990s by Auckland City Council. Project was undertaken with Auckland Council to produce a new version of the resource for children aged 2 – illustrate what to do during and after an earthquake. The resource incorporates both the current turtle character as well as Stan from the What’s The Plan Stan resource.
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