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CDEM Competency Framework: Role Map download page

The following role maps are available for download:

Welfare Centre Supervisor/Temporary Animal Shelter Supervisor (PDF 1MB)
Public Information Management (PDF 500kB)
Recovery Manager (PDF 500kB)
Emergency Management Officer (PDF 500kB)
CDEM Controller (PDF 500kB)
Welfare Manager (PDF 500kB)
Lifeline Utility Coordinator (PDF 500kB)
Manager - CDEM Group Office (PDF 500kB)
CDEM Response Teams (PDF 1.3MB)
CDEM Response Team: Strand by strand reference document (PDF)*

* The CDEM Response Team reference document is an additional resource that organises, by strand, the statements identified during the CDEM Response Team role mapping workshop held in September 2009. This document only includes the statements identified during the workshop and does not include all the statements described in the full CDEM Response Team role map.

Role Maps under development
The following role map is currently under development and will be made available for sector consultation:
  • Emergency Operations Centre staff

What are Role Maps?
Role maps provide a complete picture of the skills, knowledge and attributes required to be successful and effective in a specific CDEM role. Each role map contains skill and knowledge statements for a specific role. These statements describe what a person needs to be able to do, and what they need to know to perform in their role.
Many of the statements are linked to multiple competencies and key areas in the CDEM Competency Framework, reinforcing the integrated nature of the competencies.

How are Role Maps used?
Role maps can be applied to a range of learning and development (L&D) activities and tools, such as learning objectives, training design, job descriptions, and development needs analysis. Role maps have been developed with L&D and HR practitioners in mind.
Role maps have been prepared in collaboration with a sector-determined technical review group and each represents a detailed picture of the role in a data capture format. This format shows how skills and knowledge are linked to the competencies in the CDEM Competency Framework.
The level of detail provided is necessary to best inform development of learning opportunities. While you may see statements that are not applicable to you, they may apply to someone elsewhere performing this role.