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CDEM Competency Framework

The current focus in the CDEM Competency Framework programme is the development of role maps for Emergency Operations Centre functional areas and supporting CDEM Groups to use the Development Needs Analysis best practice guide.

Go to the RAPID learning gateway to access the RAPID core skills strand.

The purpose of the CDEM Competency Framework Project is to promote comprehensive and knowledge based CDEM professional development in New Zealand by:
  • delivering an integrated framework of evidence-based competencies for CDEM,
  • identifying existing opportunities and gaps in professional development, and
  • determining areas for development.
CDEM Competency Framework
Download a PDF version (1.5MB) of the document.

The CDEM Competency Framework is a technical standard under the CDEM Act 2002 (s8 (e)).

The Framework is the result of extensive work across the CDEM sector and its release signified the beginning of our journey towards professionalising emergency management in New Zealand.

The Framework puts CDEM in a robust, evidence-based position from which we have developed a range of tools. We continue to produce evidence-based learning objectives, and align prioritised competencies and indicators to specific CDEM roles (role mapping). We can also use the Framework to identify the necessary competencies and indicators required to progress in a particular CDEM career.

CDEM Competency Framework Toolkit
The Professional Development team is creating a toolkit to support CDEM Groups to apply the Competency Framework and role maps.
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Role Maps
Role maps provide a complete picture of the skills, knowledge and attributes required to be successful and effective in a specific CDEM role. Each role map contains skill and knowledge statements for a specific role. These statements describe what a person needs to be able to do, and what they need to know to perform in their role.

Role maps can be applied to a range of learning and development (L&D) activities and tools, such as learning objectives, training design, job descriptions, and development needs analysis.

Go to the Role Map download page

More Information
Go to the interactive online module that explains how to apply the CDEM Competency Framework and role maps (Download user instructions PDF)
CDEM Competency Framework (PDF 1.5MB)
You and Your Organisation report (PDF)
Detailed overview of the project (PDF)
Literature review (PDF)
Tertiary Education Provider Self-Evaluation Report (PDF)