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National CDEM Strategy

The National CDEM Strategy details how we will achieve the vision for CDEM in New Zealand: Resilient New Zealand: communities understanding and managing their hazards. The Strategy sets out what we as New Zealanders expect from CDEM and what we want to achieve.

CDEM is important because New Zealanders are, and will continue to be, at risk from a broad range of hazards. As the new CDEM arrangements for New Zealand were in their infancy at the time, the first Strategy was given the time period of 2003-2006. Officials began the Strategy review in 2006 in order to update the Strategy to reflect changes in the CDEM sector since 2003.

Download the revised National CDEM Strategy (pdf 1MB)

Contents of the revised National CDEM Strategy
Since the government direction for CDEM has remained largely unchanged, the revised National CDEM Strategy is consistent with the previous version of the Strategy, in terms of the vision, goals and objectives.

The National CDEM Strategy contains four goals:

  • increasing community awareness, understanding, preparedness and participation in civil defence emergency management;
  • reducing the risks from hazards to New Zealand;
  • enhancing New Zealand’s capability to manage civil defence emergencies; and
  • enhancing New Zealand’s capability to recover from civil defence emergencies.
Greater emphasis has been placed on this being a strategy for all New Zealanders and the need for everyone to participate in creating a Resilient New Zealand.

The vision of Resilient New Zealand can only be achieved if we have participation and commitment at all levels from the Government, local authorities, individual departments, business, volunteer organizations, right down to individual families.

Development process
The revised National CDEM Strategy is the result of an extensive consultation process with CDEM Groups, government agencies and the general public. Following an initial sector consultation process in early 2007, the National CDEM Strategy public consultation document was released by the Minister of Civil Defence in July 2007.

During the eight-week public consultation period officials met with all CDEM Groups who requested a meeting. The Strategy was amended in light of the feedback received during the public consultation process.

Through the review process, consideration was given as to whether it was appropriate for agencies to use the Strategy as a substitute for individual agency work plans. It was determined that key stakeholders should now be incorporating CDEM planning into their annual planning and reporting cycles and be accountable through those standard processes. Accordingly, the Strategy is focused at a high level and does not include work plan (action) items.