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Training & Professional Development

For general CDEM professional development, including RAPID and MCDEM courses, click here

MCDEM General Rescue Manual - March 2006
The General Rescue Manual covers the basic techniques for light rescue in New Zealand. It may be used as a training/learning resource for student’s receiving instruction in general rescue techniques. The manual can be downloaded complete or in sections.

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Complete (PDF 3MB)
General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 1-4 (PDF 251kB) Introduction, General rescue background, Safety in training operations and Incident ground actions.
General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 5-8 (PDF 1.2MB) Ropes, Knots, Ladders and Managing casualties.
General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 9-12 (PDF 1.2MB) Stretchers, Stretcher based rescue techniques, Non-stretcher based rescue techniques and Improvised casualty movement.
General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 13-15 (PDF 260K) Anchors and holdfasts, Pulley systems and lifting and Additional general rescue equipment

USAR General Awareness Training Module
An introductory training module for general USAR awareness has been developed by the New Zealand Fire Service in collaboration with MCDEM and EMQUAL, drawing on the inputs of USAR specialists and CDEM Response Team members. The purpose of the module is to provide an awareness-level introduction to USAR arrangements, for multi-agency emergency responders. Note that this training module is not part of the RAPID programme.