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Response Team profiles

There are currently 17 Response Teams in New Zealand.
Click on the map below to view team locations.

If you would like to be involved in a response team, click on a link below for detailed information about each team and who to contact.

    NZ-RT01 Canterbury
    NZ-RT02 Nelson
    NZ-RT03 Auckland
    NZ-RT04 Palmerston North
    NZ-RT05 North Shore
    NZ-RT06 Taupo
    NZ-RT07 Victoria University, Wellington
    NZ-RT08 Wellington
    NZ-RT09 Upper Hutt
    NZ-RT10 Christchurch
    NZ-RT11 Christchurch
    NZ-RT12 Waimakariri
    NZ-RT14 Christchurch
    NZ-RT15 Rotorua
    NZ-RT16 Tauranga
    NZ-RT17 Whakatane
    NZ-RT18 Hutt City