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NZ-RT18 Hutt City Emergency Response Team

key contacts
Team Manager: Dave Jack, Hutt Valley Emergency Mangement Office, Hutt City Council
Phone: (04) 570-6666
Fax: (04) 566-5493

History and activities
NZ-RT18 was established in 2006 to fulfil the Hutt City Council’s responsibilities under the CDEM Act 2002 and is one of four registered teams within the greater Wellington Area. It is managed by the Hutt Valley Emergency Management Office (HVEMO) which is based at the Hutt City Council, Laings Road Lower Hutt.

The team responds to emergencies as part of Greater Wellington's rescue response network. The Team works closely with Wellington’s local authorities and New Zealand's professional emergency services including Fire, Police and Ambulance services.

The team consists of approximately 20 volunteers from a variety of occupations and backgrounds including Rural Fire, Police, ex Military, government and self-employed personnel. We train fortnightly on a Monday from 2:30pm – 5:30pm and sometimes longer depending on the nature of the training session. We also train with other regional Response Teams where appropriate.

The team mainly focuses on General Rescue, Flood and Storm Response and USAR Cat 1A response. Members initially qualify to the NZ Orange Card CAT 1A standard. Other activities covered during training and exercises include chainsaw use, communications, Incident Management and 4 Wheel Driving.

Recent Activations have included
  • 2 Members sent to Queensland as part of the New Zealand Response Team to assist the State Emergency Services with operations during the Flooding in 2011
  • 2 Team deployments to Christchurch immediately after the devastating earthquake of February 22nd 2011
  • Assisting local Police SAR with missing persons search operations