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NZ-RT11 CURSAR (Christchurch)

Key contacts
Team Leader: Jan Wright
Deputy Team Leader: Corey Shelton
Deputy Team Leader: Louis Couperus
Team Contact: or 03 941 8999
Training Nights: Monday 7 – 9

History and activities
NZ-RT11 is a registered volunteer response team reporting to Christchurch City Council Emergency Management. The team was originally the combination of three community emergency response teams and was first registered in 2003 for USAR operations.

Training is held weekly on a Monday with additional training/exercises as and when required. There are presently 12 full team members, however we are currently looking to recruit more.

As a response team we are required to be available for just about any event. We have provided members to assist with:
  • managing and catering for rural fire events;
  • a Nora virus outbreak at the international scout camp; and
  • welfare and reconnaissance for rural areas during the 2006 South Canterbury snow event.
We were also involved with the more recent Chile tsunami event where some members of the team were in the EOC and others were out notifying the public along the entrances to New Brighton beach.

Team goals
Our main aim is to recruit additional people to come up to full strength. We are able to have up to 30 full members so we need to find quite a lot of new blood. We are also looking to be more involved in storm and flood response as well as incident management.