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NZ-RT2 Nelson Tasman District

Key contacts
Team Manager: Joe Kennedy, phone (03) 546 9500
Team Leader: Jason Everett, phone 021 229 3729
Deputy Team Leader: Tania Jones phone 021 298 2332

Team Function
The primary purpose of the team is:
  • To provide an operational arm for the Nelson – Tasman CDEMG
  • To provide a primary survey of a major incident and report back to the EOC
  • To find and rescue victims of structural collapse especially those near the surface
Other secondary functions include:
  • Providing assistance as requested by emergency agencies such as Police, LandSAR, New Zealand Fire Service, Rural Fire, DOC and Health
  • Providing a technical rope rescue capability
  • Providing a disciplined operational capability for response to any emergency.

Operational Activation
If you need NZ-RT2 please call the Team Manager on (03) 546 9500 or ask for the EM Duty Officer via the NCC 24 hour line on 03 546 0200. If the Team Manager/Duty Officer is not available then please call the Team Leader directly.

The team deploys ready to operate and survive for an extended period (eg 24-72 hours). On this basis the team can be fully kitted-up and ready to move into the field within 90 minutes.

In its specialist roles as a first response reconnaissance team for the Group Controller and a rope access/rescue team, NZ-RT2 can have a specialist squad on the road within 30 minutes.

Background Information
The team consists of highly skilled and motivated volunteers who have made a commitment to emergency management, particularly in the response to local and national disaster events. The team selects its members carefully, trains regularly, and functions according to a well defined set of standard operating procedures.

NZRT2 is one of approximately 18 similar teams nationally. Our primary zone of operations is the wider Tasman and Nelson region. In addition we are available for deployment anywhere in New Zealand based on the level of need and the availability of funding.

Incident ground communication is typically based on a mixture of mobile phones and VHF radios. The primary radio channels used by NZ-RT2 are as follows:

Channel Description Type Tx / Rx
1 ESX 44 (CD) Simplex 143.5500
2 ESX 49 (CD) Simplex 143.6125
3 ESX 52 (CD) Simplex 143.6500
4 ESX 39 (Liaison) Simplex 140.9875
5 ESB 43 (Saddle Hill) Repeater 138.5375 / 141.5375
6 ESB 133 (Mt Murchison) Repeater 139.6625 / 142.6625
7 ESB 164 (Liaison) Repeater 140.0500 / 143.0500
8 ESB 45 (Mt Burnett) Repeater 138.5625 / 141.5625

The team maintains an extensive inventory of personal protective equipment and team equipment which is available to support emergency response. Here is a general introduction to the sorts of equipment and supplies that NZ-RT2 has ready at all times:

Rescue Equipment
Ladders, ropes (100m lines, 30m lines, 12m lines), range of technical rope rescue hardware, stretchers – including baskets and SKEDs, full-body harnesses.

Woodsaws, Hacksaws, 24V Sabre Saw, Sledgehammers, Bolt Cutters, Axes, Shovels, Crowbars, Forced access tools, 24V Hammer Drill, various hand tools.

Tents, cordon and control tape, Pickets, Tirfor winch, Lighting Towers, spotlights, Generators, Whiteboards, cribbing blocks, wedges, buckets, Food & water for 72hrs, cooking equipment, computer, printer, radios, spare personal protective equipment.

Medical and Welfare
Team medical kits, Suture and IV kit (for use by doctor), Portable field first aid kits, spinal splints, KED (extrication device), Blankets, registration and monitoring paperwork, tents, stretchers, toilet tent, solar shower, chairs & tables, defib.

Storm and Flood Response
Storm response kits, PFDs (life jackets), throw bags, tarpaulins, ropes.