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NZ-RTs (New Zealand Response Teams)

NZ-RT members are people who enjoy a physically and mentally challenging environment.

They are team players who share a common desire to serve their community.

NZ-RTs provide qualified responders to support Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and their communities during an emergency event. Team members work alongside and assist the emergency services and other responding agencies.

Teams are located throughout New Zealand and they are owned and supported by either Territorial Authorities or non-government organisations.

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Within each response team there are a wide range of skills.

These include:
  • communications
  • first aid
  • welfare
  • evacuation
  • swift water response
  • rope rescue and light rescue

Becoming a Response Team volunteer
For general information about New Zealand Response Teams and getting involved,
Ian Wilson.

NZ-RTs are staffed by volunteers who complete a wide array of tasks from light rescue to first aid and welfare. When a team is activated, it is generally expected that members arrive at the team’s depot within 30 minutes. This restricts the available area teams can draw members from.

Volunteers wishing to become a member of a Response Team but live outside the 30 minutes time travel zone should give consideration to joining a CDEM team aligned to and working with their local council. These teams provide response capability ranging from staffing the Emergency Operations Centre (for example, planning, operations, logistics, and communications functions) to welfare and first aid within their local community.

Contact Civil Defence Officers based within the local council who will advise on what the requirements are.
Click here for local council contact details

Guidance for Establishing and Operating New Zealand Response Teams
This guideline has been produced to help ensure that response teams in New Zealand are able to operate at a consistently high professional standard, and are interoperable with other response organisations in New Zealand and overseas. Having expert, appropriately equipped and sustainable response teams improves New Zealand’s overall response capability and adds value to local communities.

It provides advice that will allow a team to meet the registration requirements of the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM), which maintains a national register of teams known as New Zealand Response Teams (NZ-RTs).