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Emergency Declarations 2003-2005

Date of DeclarationDate of TerminationArea Involved or Making DeclarationEmergencyNotes
04.10.200309.10.2003Kapiti Coast DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0030 hrs for District, although damage was limited to Paekakariki town and Paekakariki Hill Road. Damage caused by major flooding and landslips (mud & rubble) at Paekakariki. Several families evacuated, welfare centre established. Health issues due to sewerage problems. Wellington cut off (road and rail) until afternoon of 04.10.2003. Air crash at Waikanae might have complicated response. Duration of declaration mainly due to clean-up process.
16.02.200417.02.2004Rangitikei DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0255 hrs for District due to severe flooding with significant problems in Marton. 100 year event in certain areas. Approximately 530 people evacuated. Communications (phones) out due to bridges supporting cables collapsing. Water & power outages throughout District. Certain parts of District isolated. Declaration ended on 17 February due to a Regional declaration being made. (See Manawatu- Wanganui declaration)
16.02.200417.02.2004Manawatu DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0310 hrs for District due to severe flooding. 100 year event in certain areas. Defence resources required. Approximately 350 evacuees. Feilding isolated, many bridges out. Widespread road & rail closures. Water & power outages throughout District. Major issue main gas pipeline to Hawkes Bay closed.
17.02.0427.02.2004South Taranaki DistrictFloodingDeclared for Patea Ward (Waitotara Township and Waitotara Valley) at 1100 hrs due to severe flooding. Approximately 100 residents had to be evacuated. No reticulated water supply, sewerage tanks had to be pumped. Telephones & power also out.
17.02.200418.02.2004Marlborough DistrictFloodingDeclared at 1337 hrs for Picton Ward. About 1000 people had to be evacuated in fear of a break in the Burns Dam (a reservoir above the town) due to high inflow capacities and possible landslips into the reservoir. Heavy flooding in Alexandra Holiday Park area. Declaration ended when engineers declared the dam to be safe.
Manawatu- Wanganui RegionFloodingDeclared for whole region at 2000 hrs, effectively ending the Rangitikei and Manawatu declarations made the previous morning. (See Rangitikei & Manawatu District declarations above). Similar conditions in Horowhenua District, although no declaration was made earlier by that District. Tararua, Ruapehu & Wanganui Districts also affected. Summary on event: Intense rainfall and gale force winds from 15-23 February have affected the lower North Island and top of the South Island with extensive and severe flooding and some wind damage. The river peak of the Manawatu River was the second largest on record, the largest being recorded in 1902. The peak of the Rangitikei was the third largest on record since 1897. Estimated to be NZ’s largest disaster in 20 years. More than a thousand evacuees. Approx 500 houses damaged. 4 bridges destroyed, 21 bridges seriously damaged. Widespread roads, rail closure, widespread power & phone outages. Stock losses estimated at 1300.
17.07.200423.07.04Opotiki DistrictFlooding, LandslipsDeclared at 1700 for Waiotahi Ward. One death at Ohiwa Beach due to landslip. Numerous road closures due to flooding, houses evacuated due to deemed unsafe (mainly landslip threat). 10 houses uninhabitable. About 30 persons evacuated. Widespread water and power disruptions.
17.07.0430.07.04Whakatane DistrictFlooding, LandslipsDeclared at 2147 for Whakatane urban area. Declaration extended due to concern about further adverse weather forecasts. Widespread road, infrastructure water, power, sewage disruptions throughout district, impacting on mainly Whakatane and Edgecumbe urban areas, vast rural areas due to Whakatane river breaching stop banks (in exces of 15,000ha farmland inundated). About 215 houses uninhabitable, more that 1300 evacuations. One death due to tree falling on motorist. Landslips aggravated by earthquake swarm (more than 100 shallow earthquakes) around Lake Rotoehu coinciding with the flood impact period. MCDEM appointed Recovery Facilitator.
18.05.200520.07.05Tauranga DistrictFlooding, LandslipsHouses destroyed & damaged in Tauranga due to landslips. Evacuations
17.05.200530.05.05Whakatane DistrictFlooding, LandslipsDeclared at 1843 for Edgecumbe-Tarawera Ward. Matata township significant damage due to mudslides and debris flows down mountain. 27 homes destroyed, 87 damaged. Local roads, SH2 & rail extensively damaged. Evacuations.