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Emergency Declarations 1998-2002

Date of DeclarationDate of TerminationArea Involved or Making DeclarationEmergencyNotes
19.10.199820.10.98Buller DistrictFloodingDeclared at 2230, lifted 1340 next day. Karamea: 7 houses inundated; 66 people evacuated. Seddonville: 6 homes & hotel evacuated. Waimare: 3 baches evacuated.
21.10.199822.10.98Kapiti Coast DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0105, lifted 1300 next day; 13 houses evacuated in Otaihanga area of Waikanae.
27.10.199828.10.98Buller DistrictFloodingDeclared at 1630, lifted 1355 next day. A replay of the previous week, 220 evacuated, 20 houses flooded through (12 at Seddonville, 1 at Mohikinui, 4 at Karamea and 3 at Waimare.
28.10.199830.10.98Kapiti Coast DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0800. This time 50-60 houses evacuated, 1 death. Lifted 0730.
29.10.199830.10.98Wanganui District FloodingDeclared at 0630; lifted 1400 next day. Declaration to facilitate evacuation of 62 residential properties & 45 commercial premises threatened by possible overtopping of the stopbanks of the Whangananui River. 75 evacuees; 24 in motel accommodation. Stopbanks not breached although some localised inundation occurred..
30.10.199804.11.98Ruapehu DistrictFloodingDeclared at 1230, for Ohura; terminated 0915. 18 houses severely affected; a total of 27 properties considered uninhabitable & up for relocation; DRC appointed
22.01.199910.02.99Far North DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0858; DRC appointed. Impact in Hokianga area: 4 communities severely affected; 270 people evacuated; 80 in emergency accommodation; 96 sections damaged; 75 houses damaged; 3 houses destroyed. Est. cost impact $4.3m.
28.02.199901.03.99Central OtagoRural fireDeclared at 1800, lifted 1200 next day. Declaration by Mayor for whole district. Purpose: to assist Emergency Services in evacuating properties. 40 properties & in excess of 200 people evacuated; 2 houses destroyed by fire; 1 person died from heart attack - shock of event; many farm buildings, fences & numbers of livestock were destroyed by fire. No actual costs.
01.05.199901.05.99Rotorua DistrictFloodingDeclared at 1147, lifted at 1609 same day. A small number of self evacuations were carried out.

Date of DeclarationDate of TerminationArea Involved or Making DeclarationEmergencyNotes
12.10.199912.10.99Westland District“Poerua Landslip”Declared at 0750, lifted at 1310 same day. A slip off the north face of Mt Adams occurred at 0330hrs on 6 October 1999 depositing 10-15 million cu.metres of debris in the Poerua river valley, blocking the river and creating a lake 1.2km long and over 80metres deep. The lake overtopped after 2 days of heavy rain caused the dam to breach at about 0745 on 12 October. 46 people were evacuated as water moved through the valley. Resultant damage was minimal despite aggregation raising the river bed substantially.
17.11.199919.11.99Central Otago DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0830 hours. Terminated at 1700, 2 days later. Flooding in Alexandra (200+ businesses & houses); Roxburgh, Miller’s Flat, Ettrick.
18.11.199921.11.99Clutha DistrictFloodingDeclared at 1918hrs. Terminated at 1300, 3 days later.
Flooding in Balclutha (110 people evacuated); Kaitangata (30 people)
18.11.199929.11.99Queenstown-Lakes District for Queenstown-Wakatipu WardThreatening landslip.Declared at 1730hrs. Terminated at 2359, 10 days later. 64 houses evacuated.
21.06.200224.06.02Thames DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0303 hrs for District. Terminated at 1700 on 24/07. “Weather Bomb” caused extensive flooding, power failures, overloading of waste water systems. All flooding between midnight & 1240am. Some areas recorded highest rainfall ever per hour. 200 houses evacuated, 500 evacuees. SH 25 closed. One death- person swept to sea at Waiomu Motor camp. 14500 insurance claims as at 2 August 2002. Estimated at $25 million (highest ever linked to a disaster event in NZ).
21.06.200223.06.02South Waikato DistrictFloodingDeclared at 0800 hrs for Putararu & Tirau Wards. Terminated at 1700 on 23/07. “Weather Bomb” caused extensive flooding. Main problems nil water supply, no power, resulting in a need to regulate water supply & consumption. Several roads closed, Kinleith branch railway line closed. Considerable damage to private properties, no evacuations.