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Emergency Declarations 1987-1988

Date of DeclarationDate of TerminationArea Involved or Making DeclarationEmergencyNotes
at 1345 hrs
WhakataneEarthquakeInitial declaration made at 1450 hrs following 6.5 earthquake
02.03.198705.03.87Bay of Plenty RegionEarthquakeMade at 1517 hours. Over 5000 people left their homes. Concluded at 1800 hrs on the 5th. Insurance claims totalled $408.6m (1994). Agricultural assistance $5.87m (1991)
05.03.198712.03.87WhakataneEarthquakeMade at 1800 hours. DRC appointed 05.03.87 for 14 days. Reappointed on 19.03.87 for another 14 days.
10.03.198710.03.87Southland RegionfloodingFor Wallace County, declared at 1618 hrs
10.03.198711.03.87Southland RegionfloodingDeclared at 1755 hours for all region except Invercargill City and Bluff Borough. 700 evacuated at Otautau and some at Gore and Mataura
11.03.198712.03.87Vincent CombinedFloodingDeclaration for: Vincent County & Cromwell and Alexandra Boroughs
11.03.198713.03.87Southland RegionFloodingFor whole region excluding Bluff Borough (i.e. including Invercargill). Declared at 1830 hrs
13.03.198716.03.87Southland RegionFloodingFor all regions except Bluff Borough & Gore/Mataura (where emergency ended 0930 hrs on 13th). Final termination at 1330 on 16th
19.03.198719.03.87Thames Valley UCFireA bush fire above Thames in the night required evacuation of some 130 people for several hours. (Declared 0400)
24.03.198708.04.87Napier Hastings/HavelockPre- cautionaryFire services strikes (Declarations were from 0900 hrs to 1000 hrs each day from 24.03 to 08.04. In each centre 4 separate declarations were involved)

Date of DeclarationDate of TerminationArea Involved or Making DeclarationEmergencyNotes
07.03.198807.03.88Poverty Bay CombinedFloodingCyclone Bola (from 1627 to 2100 hrs)
07.03.1988*East Cape RegionFloodingCyclone Bola (made at 2100 hrs)
25.03.88East Cape RegionFloodingRe-extended: applied to Poverty Bay, Waikohu County and Waiapu County. DRC appointed on 09.03.88 for 28 days. Reappointed on 01.04 and 01.05 (28 days each time). 3000 people were evacuated at Gisborne and 400 at Te Karaka. 3 deaths. The East Cape and Poverty Bay insurance losses were $3.53m and Gisborne losses $4.58m (both 1991 and excluding EQC)
08.03.198817.03.88WairoaFloodingCyclone Bola. 330 people evacuated. Wairoa insurance losses (excluding EQC) were $3.79m (1991)
08.03.198810.03.88Nth Taranaki Combined CD DistrictWindCyclone Bola
08.03.198810.03.88Egmont CountyWindCyclone Bola. Insurance losses in Taranaki were $15.95m (1991) excluding EQC
08.03.1988Thames Valley UCFloodingCyclone Bola. 84 evacuees
09.03.198810.03.88Hawkes Bay CountyFloodingCyclone Bola
10.03.198813.03.88North KaiparaFloodingCyclone Bola. 2 deaths. Northland insurance losses were $3.72m (1991) excluding EQC
11.03.198813.03.88Hawkes Bay UCFloodingCyclone Bola: for areas from Whirinaki Bluff to Raupunga. Over the whole country insurance losses in Bola totalled $42.74m (1991) excluding EQC claims
20.05.198823.05.88GreymouthFloodingFor Greymouth Borough. 402 people evacuated from 102 houses. Stock losses 1800 sheep, 163 cattle, 35 pigs The Grey peaked at 5100 cumecs. Insurance (excl EQC) $3.7m (1994)
17.07.198818.07.88West AucklandFlooding32 people evacuated
24.07.198827.07.88Palmerston NthFloodingFor City area. 1200 evacuated. Declared at 2212 Sunday; lifted at 0900 Wednesday
02.09.198803.09.88Manawatu/FoxtonFloodingKopane/Lockwood area of Manawatu County
13.09.1988West CoastFloodingDeclared at 0913 for Greymouth Borough and Grey and Inangahua Counties.
14.09.88(Inangahua County)One death. 356 people evacuated from 183 houses. Insurance claims $15.6m (1994) excluding EQC.
(see above)16.09.88(Greymouth Borough and Grey County)DRC appointed 16.9.88. Stock losses 1380 sheep, 80 cattle, 6 deer. The Grey peaked at 5800 cumecs
13.09.198814.09.88West CoastFloodingDeclared at 1439 for Runanga Borough
16.09.198822.09.88Greymouth BoroughFlooding