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CDEM Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
It is important for agencies to continually monitor and measure progress in order to know when they have successfully reached their goals and objectives and to ensure they have the capacity and capability necessary to be able to perform their CDEM roles and responsibilities.

Download a brief overview of the CDEM Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (PDF 250kB)

A CDEM Monitoring and Evaluation Programme was launched in October 2009, after two years of development and consultation with the CDEM sector.

The programme centres around the ‘CDEM Capability Assessment Tool’, a set of nationally-consistent performance indicators and measures (‘capability criteria’) organised in an assessment tool format.

The assessment tool is intended first and foremost to be an ‘any-time’ self-assessment tool that any agency or CDEM Group can use to evaluate their own capability. It will also provide a secondary function however, to support a periodic national assessment cycle in which all agencies with responsibilities under the CDEM Act (i.e. CDEM Groups, government departments (including MCDEM), local authorities, emergency services, lifeline utilities) will be asked to complete assessments to document and understand New Zealand’s collective CDEM capability.

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