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CDEM Groups
Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups (CDEM Groups) are a core component of the CDEM Act 2002.

16 CDEM Groups have been formed across New Zealand as committees of elected councillors from each council within regional boundaries.

Download a graphic illustrating the CDEM Groups and their associated Councils (pdf 600kB)

The Group delivers CDEM through its executives, planners and operational staff of the many agencies involved in CDEM. Groups can be viewed as a consortium of the local authorities in a region working in partnership with emergency services, lifeline utilities and government departments, amongst other things, to:
  • identify and understand hazards and risks
  • prepare CDEM Group plans and manage hazards and risks in accordance with the 4R's (reduction, readiness, response and recovery).
The CDEM Act 2002 provides more information on the formation of CDEM Groups
CDEM Groups are also explained in Section 5 of the The Guide to the National CDEM Plan (pdf)

CDEM Group plans
Current CDEM Group plan information

Northland CDEM Group
Auckland CDEM Group plan
Waikato CDEM Group plan
Bay of Plenty CDEM Group plan
Manawatu / Wanganui Region CDEM Group plan
Taranaki CDEM Group plan
Gisborne CDEM Group plan
Hawke's Bay CDEM Group plan
Wellington CDEM Group plan
Nelson Tasman CDEM Group plan
Marlborough CDEM Group plan
Canterbury CDEM Group plan
Chatham Islands CDEM Group plan
West Coast CDEM Group plan
Otago CDEM Group plan
Southland CDEM Group plan