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CDEM Group resources

Templates for Consistent Hazard Event Reporting
These are templates for comprehensive post hazard event reporting. They have been prepared in accordance the requirements of the collective New Zealand Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and Ministry for Civil Defence and Emergency Management. The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, as the representative for this collective group, commissioned EMS Limited to develop the templates. The template will provide reports for two main purposes:

  • To provide detailed data for scientific research, calibrating hazard and risk models to improve their robustness and aiding impact scenario development for historic and pre-historic events.
  • To provide a record of hazard impacts and so allow a database of hazard impacts to be developed and integrated for future decision-making.
The intention is that somebody wanting to understand the causes and consequences of any given event, reported using this template, will be able to find a comprehensive overview of the event. This will be both in the template, and in associated reports.

Templates for Consistent Hazard Event Reporting (doc 132KB)
Hazard Background Report (doc 40KB)

Elected members presentation package
A presentation template to support CDEM Groups and local authorities when briefing newly-elected members has been developed. Opportunities to brief elected members and the people who are nominated to do so, vary across Groups, so this presentation is generic and high level. It includes a Power Point show of 20 slides, the first ten of which explain the Act, the Strategy and MCDEM’s role in CDEM, along with notes to aid the speaker. There are then ten blank slides for Group and local content to be inserted. It includes an information sheet (pdf) to accompany the Power Point – this can be handed out at the presentation or can be used as a substitute. Contact your Regional Emergency Management Advisors for copies on mini-cd.

Minister's Forum 2007
Download PDF versions of the Powerpoint presentations by keynote speakers:
Michele Daly (PDF 822kB) and David Elms (PDF 1.4MB).

Minister's Forum 2008
Download PDF versions of the Powerpoint presentations by keynote speakers:
Jon Mitchell Canterbury Petroleum Lifelines (PDF 2MB)
Shane Bayley Horizons Green Rig (PDF 500kB)
Lamorna Cooper Public Awareness and Community Engagement in Otago (PDF1.3MB)
Antoinette Mitchell Whananaki Example – Tsunami Evacuation Planning (PDF 1MB)
Dr. Alan R Jamieson Radiocommunications for PPDR (PDF 70kB)