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CDEM Exercising in New Zealand

The delivery of CDEM in New Zealand is based on a devolved accountability approach with CDEM responsibilities at all levels of government, including central and local government, the emergency services and lifeline utilities.

The expectation on government agencies, local authorities and others in response to emergencies is contained in the CDEM Act 2002 and the Guide to the National CDEM Plan.

Clause 58 of the National CDEM Plan Order 2005 mandates the establishment of a National Exercise Programme:

58 Exercise programmes
(1) A national civil defence emergency management exercise programme is a
means by which the operational capability of agencies, and CDEM Groups and
their partners, such as lifeline utilities, may be tested in relation to civil defence
emergency management (details of the programme are set out in The Guide).

(2) The national exercise programme—
(a) is supplemented by regular agency and local exercises; and
(b) seeks to exercise the operational arrangements within this plan, CDEM
Group plans, and departmental emergency management plans so as to—
(i) improve response at group and national levels; and
(ii) assess the readiness of participants.

National Exercise Programme