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Volunteering resources

For details on the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 and Civil Defence Volunteers (pdf 17K)
For details on the Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Act 2002 and Civil Defence Volunteers (pdf 83K)
The Occupational Health and Safety Service of the Department of Labour has released a guideline on health and safety for community and voluntary organisations. For more info, click here

Australian Emergency Management Volunteers Summit 2005: A successful opportunity for sector education, networking and development.
Summit report now available (pdf 135KB )

"I don't have time" - tactics to address those busy volunteers
Without a doubt, every recruiter of volunteers hears “I don’t have time” as the most often expressed reason to refuse an invitation to participate in a project. Similarly, those who coordinate volunteer services also express the frustration of “I don’t have the time” to do all sorts of things from expanding a program to reading professional books or Web resources. What can we do about this except wring our hands?
Susan Ellis of energizeinc provides some great advice in this article available (pdf 36KB)

Tips on Screening Protocol design
Screening is an important risk management tool as well as an essential human resources management function. Find tips from Linda Graff (pdf 26KB)

NZ Motivations for Volunteering Research - a brief report
What motivates New Zealanders to volunteer and what strategies could be adopted to recruit and retain them was the basis of research conducted by Jan Charbonneau and Mike Brennan from the Department of Marketing and Andrew Hercus from the School of Business, Christchurch College of Education. Brief report available (pdf 13KB)

Managing Older Volunteers
This useful book extract contains tips for managing older volunteers, including managing those who are 'aging in place' (pdf 16KB)

Keeping it Legal E AI KI TE TURE
This resource has been developed in response to a continuing need for all organisations, groups, trusts and societies to have simple, accurate, easily-found information about their legal obligations.
Divided into four brochures, each with accompanying factsheets, Keeping it Legal E AI KI TE TURE also comes with a 'How to use' guide which is where most users new to the resource should begin Visit the website.

Useful Links
"Culturally Diverse Youth and Volunteerism: How to recruit, train and retain culturally diverse youth volunteers" (Canadian resource) (pdf 971 KB)

"Managing Well: Resources for community and voluntary organisations" - a catalogue of over 120 resources

Good Practice Bank - Volunteering Hub - A great English resource with many ideas, reports and programmes for volunteers has some useful resources for those working with volunteers (search under 'Resources' and the last few items listed relate to volunteers. From the same source you might like to pick up some tips from a recent presentation of "The Ultimate Ideas Workshop on working with volunteers" (pdf 365KB)

Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector. is the site of Volunteering New Zealand, the national organisation for volunteering. Their site contains many links to other organisations, and useful information on volunteer management. is the site for the New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations. The site contains many useful resources and reports. is the site of Volunteering Australia. The site has a number of useful report and fact-sheets. is the site of Emergency Management Australia. They have a number of useful resources regarding volunteering in the emergency management sector. is the site of the Australian Emergency Services Volunteer Network. The site has many useful links, tips on volunteer management, and information for volunteers. Canada's site for information on volunteering contains good resources and information for volunteer managers and volunteers.