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Volunteering and the CDEM Sector

Victoria University and Volunteering New Zealand cost of volunteering research
Victoria University and Volunteering New Zealand are working together on a research project to find out the costs of volunteering incurred by volunteers and the organisations they volunteer for where some or all of these costs are reimbursed and whether they are preventing some people from volunteering.
A survey of volunteers is being conducted and to complete the survey for volunteers click on
or visit the volunteering New Zealand website:

Australian research/reports regarding the cost of volunteering
AEMVF/EMA report: The Cost of Volunteering: a Report on a National Survey of Emergency Management Sector Volunteers can be accessed from the EMA website
See also Volunteering Australia's own report on the same subject.

Emergency volunteer recruitment and retention
An interactive online discussion held by Dr. William Jenaway Executive vice president VFIS (America) on retention and recruitment for Volunteer emergency services.
A transcript of the 26 September 2007 discussion can be found here

Training resources from Volunteering Waikato
Community and Voluntary Sector Minister, Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, marked International Volunteer Day by launching a new training resource produced by Volunteering Waikato. Produced with funding assistance from the Digital Strategy Fund, the resource comprises four CD Roms. One entitled, ‘Volunteering Is Fun - Let's volunteer’, is designed for all those interested in volunteering. The other three are designed to assist organizations set up and review their volunteer programme and to recruit and train their volunteers. Their titles are:
  • Setting Up and Reviewing a Volunteer Programme
  • Recruiting and Orientating Diverse Volunteers
  • Training, Coaching and Valuing Diverse Volunteers
They all include video clips, workbooks, posters and more for you to do your learning at your own pace and when it suits you. They can be purchased from Volunteering Waikato.

Best practice management of volunteers
The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management is committed to encouraging the use of best practice management for volunteers.

Volunteer Coordination in CDEM: Director’s Guideline for Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL15/13]

This best practice guide has been developed to support CDEM groups and local authorities to develop processes and systems to allow them to safely and effectively manage spontaneous volunteers in a CDEM event. Hard copies are also available, please contact the Ministry.
Development of this guide has been greatly assisted by CDEM organisations that have shared their experiences and knowledge about the management of spontaneous volunteers, as well as partner agencies like the NZ Red Cross and Volunteering NZ. MCDEM acknowledges their support in producing this important resource.