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Guideline for Civil Defence Cabinets

These suggestions for equipment and food are guidelines only. The amount and types of equipment and food you have at work will depend on the number of staff, the nature of your business, the type of building, and your location.

Suggested equipment items:

Blanket, foilBlanket, wool
Stretcher, foamStretcher, board
Rope, poly 30mRope, sisal 12m
Torch, batteriesD batteries
Radio, batteriesAA batteries
Gloves/debrisDust mask
Water tablets Hard hat
BucketPlastic bin bags
Wrecking barSaw, wood
Saw, hackSledge hammer
CD first aid kitMeths stove for water
3 ltr billy for waterMatches (pkt)
LighterDisposable gloves
Toilet paper Sanitary needs
DisinfectantMouth guards
Light sticks

Sample food requirements for 25 people for 3 days
Ensure basic food supplies are also in the cabinets. Food items should be replaced on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Baked beans, 10 x 820g cansTuna in water, 10 x 425g cans
Cream corn, 10 x 440g cansPotato salad, 10 x 310g cans
Raisins, 4 x 12 mini box packetRaisins, 4 x 12 mini box packet
Muesli bars, 3 x 8 bar boxMuesli bars, 3 x 8 bar box
DAY 3Additional Food/supplies
Spaghetti, 10 x 820g cansBarley sugars, 6 packets
Green beans, 10 x 425g cansChocolate, 6 king size blocks
Raisins, 4 x 12 mini box packetPaper plates, 125 x 25cm
Muesli bars, 3 x 8 bar boxPlastic forks, 100
Methylated spirits 1 x 1 litre
Can opener x 4
Large garbage bags (for sanitation) 25