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What we do

Since its establishment on 1 July 1999, the fundamental driver for the Ministry has been to work with its stakeholders to create a new way of thinking about civil defence and emergency management. The goal is to build on existing civil defence practice. New Zealand is acknowledged as a world leader in developing a risk-based approach that will increase the capability of communities and individuals to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

Our role is to:
  • provide strategic policy advice on New Zealand’s capability to manage and be resilient to the social and economic costs of disasters
  • ensure the establishment of structures to provide the capability to manage and respond to disasters in New Zealand
  • provide support to sector stakeholders in their delivery of civil defence emergency management
  • ensure a co-ordinated approach, at both national and community level to planning for reduction, readiness, response, and recovery;
  • manage central government response and recovery functions for large scale events that are beyond the capacity of local authorities.