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#Tsunami Advisory 6

1620 hours Thursday 7 February 2013

Potential Marine and Beach Threat CANCELLATION - Minor marine threat remains until 9pm Thursday 7 February 2013

Santa Cruz Islands earthquake

The potential tsunami threat to most areas of New Zealand's coast passed yesterday (Wednesday) evening. However, a minor marine threat still remains on the West Coast from Taranaki to Milford Sound until 9pm today (Thursday). Advice from GeoNet Tsunami Expert Panel is that there may be unusual water conditions e.g. local tidal surges and strong currents. While the threat was highest during the early hours this morning, people should exercise caution and discretion before entering the water or going out in small boats until after 9pm today.

The National Advisory: Tsunami Potential Marine and Beach Threat issued by MCDEM yesterday in response to the Santa Cruz Islands earthquake and local tsunami was cancelled yesterday evening.