CanterburyPort Hills fires (Christchurch City and Selwyn District)

Tuesday 21 Feb - 1:06 pm

The State of Emergency covering Christchurch City and Selwyn District in relation to the Port Hills fires has been extended. For latest updates please see the Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Facebook page and Christchurch City Council website


Welfare Review

Information about the implementation of the Welfare Review Corrective Action Plan

Welfare Corrective Action Plan

Following the Canterbury earthquake sequence, MCDEM worked with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in 2012 to review the arrangements used to deliver welfare services to people affected by an emergency. Feedback on the review report informed the development of the Welfare Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

Most actions in the Welfare CAP are being addressed through the separate review of the National CDEM Plan, the Guide to the National CDEM Plan and other MCDEM guidelines. Other actions are informing agency work programmes during 2014/15.

MCDEM is engaging with key national agencies focusing on national welfare arrangements. This includes the National Welfare Coordination Group (NWCG) and roles and responsibilities in emergency welfare as set out in the National CDEM Plan.

A draft Welfare Framework developed during 2013 set out refined Welfare functions, and the responsible and support agencies for each function both at national and regional levels. This culminated in the Welfare Services section of the Draft Revised National CDEM Plan in late 2013.

Workshops for all agencies listed in the Welfare Services section of the Plan are being held during 2014. Agencies are working together towards implementing the welfare arrangements in the Revised National CDEM Plan, when it comes into force in 2015.

Sarah (Norm) Stuart-Black, Manager Analysis & Planning is leading the implementation of the Welfare Corrective Action Plan,

2014 CDEM Group Welfare Forum

As part of the ongoing implementation of the Welfare Review Corrective Action Plan, an opportunity for the CDEM sector to come together to consider and provide feedback on the new arrangements in the draft revised National CDEM Plan, and the necessary work to implement them was identified.

Eighty representatives from every CDEM Group across the country attended the 2014 CDEM Group Welfare Forum on 19-20 March, co-hosted by MCDEM and Auckland Council CDEM at the Aotea Centre in central Auckland. The primary audience was local and CDEM Group Welfare Managers, and Welfare Coordination Group Chairs.

An update on the changes to the National CDEM Plan and an overview of the agreed future arrangements for CDEM Welfare was followed by a series of interactive sessions, led by local and regional CDEM Welfare professionals.

Discussions at the forum are informing future guidance that MCDEM provides to CDEM Groups on the delivery of welfare, including the current revisions of the Director’s Guideline Welfare in an Emergency [DGL 11/10], and the Guide to the National CDEM Plan. See the May 2014 E-bulletin for more information about the forum including the topics covered.

Summary notes from the interactive group discussions. (.docx 48kb)