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Training & Professional Development

MCDEM General Rescue Manual and USAR General Awareness Training Module

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MCDEM General Rescue Manual - March 2006

The General Rescue Manual covers the basic techniques for light rescue in New Zealand. It may be used as a training/learning resource for student’s receiving instruction in general rescue techniques. The manual can be downloaded complete or in sections.

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Complete (.pdf 3mb)

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 1-4 (.pdf 251kb) Introduction, General rescue background, Safety in training operations and Incident ground actions.

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 5-8 (.pdf 1.2mb) Ropes, Knots, Ladders and Managing casualties.

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 9-12 (.pdf 1.2mb) Stretchers, Stretcher based rescue techniques, Non-stretcher based rescue techniques and Improvised casualty movement.

General Rescue Manual 2006 - Sections 13-15 (.pdf 260kb) Anchors and holdfasts, Pulley systems and lifting and Additional general rescue equipment