NationalKaikoura earthquake

Monday 28 Nov - 5:39 pm

The national response effort following the Kaikoura earthquake is continuing to make good progress. The priorities remain the same; taking care of essential needs such as food, shelter and medical requirements, as well as working towards recovery planning. The government has set up an 0800 Government Helpline (0800 779 997) to provide information on the availability of financial assistance and other support. Click the see more details link below for more information on available support and assistance.


NZ-RTs (New Zealand Response Teams)

Information and resources for Response Teams

NZ-RT members are people who enjoy a physically and mentally challenging environment. They are team players who share a common desire to serve their community. NZ-RTs provide qualified responders to support Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and their communities during an emergency event. Team members work alongside and assist the emergency services and other responding agencies. Teams are located throughout New Zealand and they are owned and supported by either Territorial Authorities or non-government organisations. Within each response team there are a wide range of skills. These include communications, first aid, welfare, evacuation, swift water response, rope rescue and light rescue.