CanterburyPort Hills fires (Christchurch City and Selwyn District)

Tuesday 21 Feb - 1:06 pm

The State of Emergency covering Christchurch City and Selwyn District in relation to the Port Hills fires has been extended. For latest updates please see the Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Facebook page and Christchurch City Council website


Consistent messages for CDEM

Nationally agreed, consistent messages for all civil defence organisations and emergency services to use.

Working from the same page: Consistent messages for CDEM is a reference that provides nationally agreed, consistent messages for all civil defence organisations and emergency services to use.

They can copy and paste from it and use the information as they need without attribution. That is, they can use it as their own information.

The news media, other organisations and individuals are also welcome to use this information, and should attribute it to the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management.

The research has already been done and approved by universities, science agencies, emergency services, government organisations and the insurance industry. This saves other agencies much time and money, and provides consistent messages about hazards and emergencies for all New Zealand. Use these messages and add your local details.

Download the complete document (.pdf 2.4mb)

Download a Word version of the complete document (.docx 357kb)

Introduction and purpose (.pdf 296kb)

Part A: General information - Pre-disaster preparedness

Household Emergency Plan (.pdf 253kb)

Emergency Survival Kit & Getaway Kit (including Stocking and Storing Food and Water and Emergency Supplies for Your Vehicle) (.pdf 247kb)

First Aid Kit and First Aid Kit for Pets (.pdf 193kb)

Evacuation, sheltering-in-place and post-disaster safety (including Emergency Sanitation (.pdf 226kb)

Part B: Hazard specific information (messages)

Coastal storm inundation (.pdf 285kb)

Earthquakes (.pdf 358kb) (revised June 2015)

Floods (.pdf 301kb)

Heat (.pdf 237kb)

Landslides (.pdf 286kb)

Major storms (.pdf 279kb)

Snow (.pdf 243kb)

Thunderstorms (.pdf 345kb)

Tornadoes (.pdf 431kb)

Tsunami (.pdf 444kb)

Volcanoes (.pdf 251kb)

Pandemic and other hazards

Pandemic (.pdf 258kb)