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CDEM Resilience Fund

Application information and previous recipients

CDEM Resilience Fund: Information Series [IS 11/16]

Resilience Fund Timeline 2017/2018


2017/18 applications

Previous Projects


The CDEM Resilience Fund enhances resilience to civil defence emergencies through the development of local and regional civil defence emergency management capability.

Funding will be provided to undertake specific projects that will improve civil defence emergency management capability and contribute towards resilience.

The fund will support a strategic targeting of investment in CDEM capability, focussing investment on the areas of greatest benefit and enabling a collaborative approach to be undertaken across the sector.

CDEM Resilience Fund: Information Series [IS 11/16]

CDEM Resilience Fund: Information Series [IS 11/16] (.pdf 886kb)

Key themes

 The following are the key themes, noting that, from time to time, the Director will revise the themes:

  • Promoting and enabling consistency
  • Promoting and enabling the sharing of data
  • Addressing gaps identified in capability assessment reports
  • Developing and delivering learning content for professional development

Resilience Fund Timeline 2017/18

Task List

image showing resilience fund timeline

1. Applications
Closing date for applications 1 October 2016
Hold Assessment Panel late October 2016
Director to make decision mid November 2016
Notification to successful applicants late November 2016
Resilience Fund Projects start 1 July 2017
2. Reporting and invoicing
1st quarterly report and/or invoice 1 October 2017
2nd quarterly report and/or invoice 1 January 2018
3rd quarterly report and/or invoice 1 April 2018
Final report and/or invoice end of June 2018


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CDEM Resilience Fund: Information Series [IS 11/16] (.pdf 886kb)

CDEM Resilience Fund Application form (.docx 36kb)

CDEM Resilience Fund Status Report template (.docx 25kb)


Project #

Project title


Amount approved


Marlborough Lifelines Regional Fuel Plan (pdf 152kb)

Marlborough CDEM



Developing a Disaster Waste Management Plan (DWMP) template (pdf 1.1mb)

Bay of Plenty RC and others



Taranaki Vulnerability Study (pdf 93kb)

Taranaki CDEM Group



East Coast LAB: Tsunami Safer Schools Preparedness Guide (pdf 3.9mb)

Hawkes Bay regional Council



Alpine Fault Project (AF8) (Second Year) (pdf 1.6mb)

Emergency Management Southland



Practical Tools for CDEM Welfare (Second Year) (pdf 1.2mb)

Northland CDEM Group



Integrated Training Framework (pdf 1.1mb)




Guide to effective local Social Recovery (pdf 830kb)

Waimakariri DC



National Information Infrastructure (pdf 91kb)

StratSim Ltd






Previous Projects