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CDEM Awards

Background on the CDEM Awards and the nomination process plus links to information about previous and current winners.

Award Recipients

CDEM Gold and Silver Awards

CDEM Award for Long Service

Director’s Award for Innovation Recipients

CDEM Awards are intended for those people, groups, or organisations that have made significant contributions to CDEM in New Zealand and deserve recognition at the national level.

Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Awards programme was introduced by the Minister of Civil Defence in 2009 to recognise career and volunteer personnel within CDEM in New Zealand. The awards programme also serves to raise awareness of CDEM efforts across New Zealand.

Both paid and volunteer personnel are eligible for the CDEM Awards.

The CDEM awards are designed to complement existing means of formal recognition, including New Zealand Royal Honours and Mayoral awards.

Available awards

There are three types of award:

For contributions to CDEM in New Zealand

  • CDEM Gold Award: for outstanding contributions to CDEM in New Zealand
  • CDEM Silver Award: for important contributions to CDEM in New Zealand.

For innovation:

  • Director’s Award for Innovation: for exceptional innovation or creativity that has pushed the boundaries of current CDEM practice in New Zealand. 

For long service:

  • CDEM Long Service Award: for 10 years’, 20 years’, or 30 years’ service to CDEM at the local or national level.


A nomination can be submitted by any person who is familiar with the contribution of the individual, group or organisation being submitted.  An individual cannot nominate themselves but can prepare a nomination for the group or organisation with which they are affiliated.  Nominations should be supported by the chief executive of the nominating authority.

More information about CDEM Awards is provided in the Information Series document Civil Defence Emergency Management Awards [IS 15/16] (.pdf 520kb).


Nominations for Contribution to CDEM in New Zealand and Director’s Award for Innovation close on the 7th of April each year.

CDEM Awards nomination form: Contribution to CDEM in NZ (.docx 74kb)

CDEM Awards nomination form: Innovation (.docx 74kb)

Nominations for long service awards may be submitted at any time during the year.

CDEM Awards nomination form: Long service (.docx 69kb)