CanterburyPort Hills fires (Christchurch City and Selwyn District)

Tuesday 21 Feb - 1:06 pm

The State of Emergency covering Christchurch City and Selwyn District in relation to the Port Hills fires has been extended. For latest updates please see the Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Facebook page and Christchurch City Council website


MCDEM Capability Development team

The capability development team supports the enhanced performance and capability of the CDEM sector.

We design and develop strategic tools and mechanisms to support and enable the sector, and promote evidence based practice.

The team can assist by providing specialist advice and support relating to capability development, as well as how the CDEM sector can draw on tools to enhance their capability.

Current sector initiatives

Integrated Training Framework

The Integrated Training Framework (ITF) is an initiative of the Waikato CDEM Group to enhance the overall competency of leadership and staff working in an EOC/ECC environment through the provision of standardised training delivered in a manner that both promotes and supports professional development.

The ITF programme comprises the design, development and delivery of the following courses:

  1. EOC Foundational
  2. EOC Intermediate
  3. EOC Advanced – Operations
  4. EOC Advanced – Planning & Intelligence
  5. EOC Advanced – Logistics
  6. EOC Advanced – Finance
  7. EOC Advanced – Welfare
  8. EOC Advanced – LUC
  9. EOC Advanced – Leadership
  10. Train-the-trainer courses for each course (excluding Foundational)
  11. EOC – PIM
  12. EOC – Interface

The Capability Development Team are well invested in the ITF initiative and will be continue to be involved with the development of the ITF courses at the Consultation Group, Working Group and Steering Committee levels.

Learning Management System

The capability development team is currently developing a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be available for the CDEM sector to access information about Learning and Development. Further information will be provided when available through the website and other MCDEM publications.

Targeted Review of Qualifications

Under section 7 of the Industry Training Act 1992, the Government must be satisfied that an ITO has strategic plans in place for their domain. There is currently an ongoing review of ‘civil defence’ qualifications and unit standards as part of NZQA’s Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ). The review, once completed, represents a significant opportunity to improve training and education from levels 1-5 on the National Qualifications Framework for CDEM learners and ensure the qualifications available are relevant. The MCDEM Capability Development Team are involved with the TRoQ at the Working Group, National Technical Advisory Group and Governance Group levels.

CIMS second edition implementation

CIMS (2nd edition) recognises the experience of large and complex emergencies and the lessons identified by associated reviews and enquiries. In contrast to the roll-out of the first edition of CIMS as a new structure, adjusting to the 2nd edition is unlikely to required more than minor adjustments to learning and development material for personnel working at incident level. For those personnel required to manage large multi-agency incidents (and above) there will be concepts and processes that deserve greater attention.

To assist the CDEM sector and any other organisation that would like to consider it, MCDEM has provided some additional guidance for building organisational capability with CIMS on their website. The guidance includes a recommendation that agencies and organisations using CIMS (2nd edition) complete a needs analysis to clearly relate the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes required of each emergency response role within that agency/organisation, to the content of CIMS (2nd edition). Each role could fall into one of five broad ‘bands’, which then makes tailoring CIMS (2nd edition) learning and development opportunities much easier.

Role map continued development

NCMC supplementary staffing training and development

MCDEM is currently progressing Memorandums of Understanding with other government agencies to provide surge capacity staff for the NCMC. The Capability Development Team is supporting this initiative through development of learning materials and processes for these individuals.


If you have any questions regarding these initiatives, please contact the team by email or call 04 817 8583.