CanterburyPort Hills fires (Christchurch City and Selwyn District)

Tuesday 21 Feb - 1:06 pm

The State of Emergency covering Christchurch City and Selwyn District in relation to the Port Hills fires has been extended. For latest updates please see the Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Facebook page and Christchurch City Council website


National Crisis Management Centre

The National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) facilitates the Central Government crisis management arrangements and offers inter-agency and scalable operability to deal with any type of emergency.

The NCMC is managed and maintained in a continued state of readiness by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM).

The NCMC is situated below ground in the Beehive (Parliament buildings). Its design is aimed at maximum self-sustainability in the event of a major Wellington earthquake or other local disasters and service failures. These measures and facilities include:

  • Seismic protection to withstand earthquake loadings associated with a MMX (Modified Mercalli Ten) event.
  • Emergency water supply.
  • Emergency power supply.
  • An independent IT network and emergency management information system supported by its own servers and back-up capabilities.
  • An independent telecommunications system, backed up by alternative communication links such as microwave and satellite systems.
  • An independent air conditioning and filtering system.
  • Security systems.
  • Fully equipped generic operations areas, offices and meeting/conference facilities.
  • A fully equipped cafeteria capable of catering for up to 100 persons at a time.
  • Some basic emergency food supplies are carried.
  • Sleeping accommodation, ablution and first aid facilities.


When activated for a CDEM emergency, the NCMC is primarily staffed by MCDEM Wellington based personnel and officers from relevant support agencies. From the NCMC, the Ministry:

  • Monitors and assesses CDEM emergencies.
  • Collects, analyses and disseminates information.
  • Actions and coordinates national support to local level CDEM response.
  • Accommodates, informs and takes direction from meetings of Central Government crisis management structures.
  • During a state of national emergency, directs the entire response to the event.

The Ministry holds fortnightly NCMC training sessions for its staff.